About Us

ScaleRite was started with the vision of providing enterprise-grade IT services to small and medium-sized businesses. When companies are equipped with tailored IT solutions to support their business processes, they are able to scale their growth much more quickly and efficiently. When IT is done right, businesses are able to spend more time building and serving, and less time dealing with IT.
Unfortunately, in our work, we have found that small and medium sized businesses can be more susceptible to cyberattacks. They often struggle to maintain the resources needed to meet the ever changing security standards. Our team focuses on informing our clients and configuring secure systems that can be easily maintained and upgraded.
As we’ve grown, we’ve maintained a personal team approach with our clients. We know that businesses cannot afford to invest their assets with over the top solutions that are difficult to understand and maintain. Because of that, we partner with our customers closely to find out exactly what their IT needs are

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